Tablao El Arenal

約 Tablao El Arenal

Tablao El Arenal


住所:C/ Rodó, 7 41001 Sevilla

電話: +34 954 21 64 92



Tablao El Arenal is located between the bullfighting ring Maestranza and the Giralda, within the Arenal neighborhood from which it inherits its name, and positioned in a typical reformed 17th century Andalusia building. Its main façade indicates this is a very special place. The decoration reminds us that this is the home of the great Curro Vélez, one of flamenco dance’s legends, and his home is the perfect place to appreciate the art and emotion of the most traditional flamenco.

Curro Velez has shared stage with the greats who as he, have formed this art. From the Master “El Cojo” to the very same artists who hired him to become a part of their troupe: Carmen Amaya, Antonio Gades, Sabicas o Manolo Caracol, to name a few. After an extensive career performing on the best stages the world over, the artist opened the space we see today. A space where for 30 years, he has continued to share his talent and train future stars. This unique artist left us recently but he left behind an incalculable legacy for the glory of flamenco and Seville. Luckily for both, this historical locale remains in the hands of the artist’s son Francisco who will continue the work of his father in keeping this locale an example of how to present the purest and most genuine flamenco in this type of spaces.

Aside from numerous Certificates of Excellence by the Chamber of Commerce, El Arenal has been described by the New York Times as the best place in the world to experience the emotion of flamenco art.

The locale`s commitment to flamenco art has lead it to promote young artists, produce important flamenco recitals, and implement flamenco discussion gatherings championed by acknowledged flamenco personalities.

So important is the locale and the figure of its founder that in 2012 the Curro Vélez Award was designed. In its first edition the award was given to Angelita Vargas “La Gitanilla” (Seville, 1949); another great flamenco artist.

The flamenco troupe is composed of fifteen of the best master dancers, singers, and guitar players; all faithful to the tradition and art of the purest flamenco; among them highlight "El Junco" and Moi de Morón.

Locale Description

Seating at tables. The tables are orientated towards the stage in three zones: two smaller lateral zones close to the stage, an ample zone in front of the stage, and a small “balcony” positioned stage level, the stage is raised. Seating is NOT numbered; accommodation by order of arrival or by dinner table reservation. We recommend guests arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of the performance.

Careful stage lighting controlled by a lighting technician during the performance. Natural acoustics devoid of technological back up or amplification. Elegant and traditional stage setting.

Parallel Activities

Flamenco discussion gatherings with the participation of authorities on the subject of flamenco and relevant artists. Private sessions re-broadcast through media communication, social networks and the customary channels of publication


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