Casa de la Guitarra

約 Casa de la Guitarra

Casa de la Guitarra


住所:C/ Mesón del Moro 12 (Barrio de Santa Cruz-Centro) 41004 Sevilla

郵便番号:41004 Sevilla

電話: +34 954 22 40 93



The Casa de la Guitarra uses a part of one of the two remaining Arab public baths that are still conserved in Seville, and is located in the very heart of the Santa Cruz neighborhood (the city’s old Jewish Quarter), near the Cathedral. All this contributes to an incomparable frame for the magnificent Flamenco recital you will enjoy.

This space is an impressive tribute to the Spanish guitar. From its walls hangs an invaluable collection of century old guitars, from master luthiers such as José Pagés (1803) or Antonio de Torres (1862). Some of these pieces form a part of the history of flamenco, transforming this site into the first museum dedicated exclusively to the flamenco guitar.

Next to these pieces the visitor can discover, among beautiful paintings, the award "Manuel de Huelva" from the Cordoba National Competition of Flamenco Art and the National Guitar Award given by the Cátedra de Flamenco de Jerez de la Frontera, awards given only to Guitar Masters. Among the award winners we find the Director of the Casa de La Guitarra, José Luis Postigo, who received these awards in 1983. To his good disposition and charm we add an immense musical background and understanding of Flamenco Art, forged over 45 years of artistic trajectory traveling the world over; solo or accompanied by artists such as Antonio Mairena or Chocolate, to name a few Grand Masters.

The visitor can expect, with assured guarantee, that the Flamenco customarily displayed here in this Cultural Center has the high standard and quality worthy of someone with the cultural and artistic baggage of the Director of this center, José Luis Postigo.

Workshops and seminars on the evolution of the guitar take place in this center. Due to its enriched formative content, students from a range of universities such as the Nantes Conservatory to the CIEE Exchange University in the United States have travelled to attend.

Entry to the Guitar Museum is free of charge, and offers an historic itinerary on the evolution of the Spanish guitar from its origin over 250 year ago. We highlight as one of its most valuable pieces the first six simple string guitar, dating from 1800.

A series of forums on Master guitar have taken place here, with the participation of artists such as Dani de Morón, Miguel Ángel Cortés or Antonio Rey. Special mention must be made to the recital Juan Lorenzo gave within these walls, with a Ramon Montoya guitar, “la Leona” without which the history of Spanish guitar could not be fully understood.

Locale Description

Seats face stage front; stage is slightly raised. Seating is NOT numbered, accommodation by order of arrival. We recommend guests arrive 20 minutes prior to the performance.

Simple lighting effects. Good natural acoustics without technological backup. Devoid of stage effects.

Parallel Activities

The museum opens daily from 11h to 13h and from 18h to 19h, free entry.

The cultural center carries out Master guitar series and scheduled learning activities, with special focus on “compas” and “toque” workshops.